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[엔터] 싱가포르 대형 뉴스채널에 뜬 쁘걸 기사 초간단 의역모바일에서 작성

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CNA는 초대형 뉴스채널이고 연예 소식 다루는 기사는 보닌 기억에는 없음.
갑자기 쁘걸기사 떠서 호다닥 가져옴.
번역해달라는 게이가 있어서 함.틀린 점 있으면 으휴 병신 틀렸네 하고 넘어가줘
너무 길다

SEOUL: The Brave Girls were losing courage just weeks ago, on the verge of breaking up and abandoning their dreams of K-pop stardom after years of going nowhere.
쁘걸은 수년간의 표류 끝에 해체 직전에 놓여 있었다.
Then a pseudonymous YouTuber called Viditor uploaded a compilation of them performing on South Korean army bases - and saved their careers.
비디터의 위문공연 모음집 영상이 그들을 구했다.
"Rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'/I am waiting for you/Babe just only you," they chant, as wildly enthusiastic uniformed cons dance and wave glow-sticks.
롤-린 기다리고 있잖아 베이베 저스트 온리유. 그들은 춤추고 열광하는 장병들 앞에서 노래한다.
It went viral and struck millions of chords across the country.
이 영상이 전국적으로 유행 했다.
Less than a month later the song reached number one in South Korea and topped the Billboard K-pop 100 in the US, four years after it was originally released - with their popularity reinforced by their story of struggle against the odds.
한달도 되지 않아 발매후 4년이 지난 시점에 국내 정상 + 빌보드 kpop 정상에 올랐다.
The fan-led ascent is a reversal of the usual K-pop model, where bands are usually assembled, trained intensively and launched by record companies, whose marketing and promotion is crucial to their success.
팬이 이끌어낸 성공은 현재의 마케팅 중심의 케이팝 판에서 이례적인 일이다.
"At the start of this year I thought it was time for us to call an end to it," lead singer Kim Min-young told AFP.
미뇽은 연초에 쁘걸을 끝낼 시간이 다가왔다고 생각했다.

"Reaction to our songs had always been cold ... It seemed like no one wanted to see us on stage," she said tearfully.
반응은 너무 차가웠고 누구도 우릴 원하지 않는 것 같았다. 미뇽은 눈물 지으며 말했다.
The Brave Girls started out as a five-piece a decade ago, but fell largely on deaf ears. They were relaunched as a septet in 2016, but the reshuffle did nothing to boost their popularity.
10년 전에 출범하여 멤버 교체에도 잘 안됐다.
Lee Yu-na said her group had experienced "something very miraculous and inexplicable"
유나는 정말 기적적인 일이 일어났다고 했다.
Their five singles and two mini-albums were misses rather than hits, and departures over the next few years whittled them down to four members.
계속 안풀려서 힘들었다.
They were reduced to performing on army bases, the South Korean equivalent of a daytime appearance on a side stage at a music festival.
그들은 위문공연에 나서야 했다. 뮤직페스티벌 낯 공연 처럼 인기없는 가수들이 서는 무대라는 설명.
"Our members all felt an emotional burden," said Kim, 30. "I wasn't brave enough to give up on my career or start something new. And I thought if I left the team it would be the end of Brave Girls. So I wanted to keep the team together till the end."
미뇽 왈. 지금 하는것을 포기할 용기도 새로운 것을 시작할 용기도 없었다. 또, 내가 떠나면 쁘걸은 끝이라고 생각해 팀을 끝까지 지키려고 했다.
But their tour of duty proved to be the making of them.
위문공연 하길 잘 함.
우린 전쟁도 이겨. 아마 비디터 댓글
South Korea requires all able-bodied men to serve in uniform to defend it against the nuclear-armed North, a period when they are often dispatched to remote places and deprived of the joys of modern life.
한국은 징병제고 그 기간동안 산골에 고립돼 지냄.
As a common experience it is a unifier and a leveller, and Viditor's compilation - complete with witty captions such as "Play this song during battles and we will definitely win wars" - resonated with those who had seen them in the military.
공통된 경험과 재치있는 댓글들이 신묘한 조화를 일으켰다.
The clip garnered about 15 million views in little more than a month.
한달새 천오백만 뷰.
"Viditor, you have rediscovered the Brave Girls," wrote one poster. "You are nothing short of the commander of South Korea's 600,000 soldiers."
비디터, 당신이 쁘걸을 구했어. 60만의 사령관이나 마찬가지야
Viditor - who said she wanted to remain anonymous to maintain her privacy - said she had been astonished by the reaction.
비디터 본인조차 뜨거운 반응에 놀랐다.
She has put together hundreds of compilations of other bands' tracks but never before had similar impact.
이런 영상을 수백편 만들었는데 이런적은 처음임.
"I thought I could make an entertaining video with soldiers' hilarious reactions and funny comments," she said by email.
군인들 반응과 댓글이 너무 웃겨서 재밌는 영상을 만들수 있을거라 생각했다.
"But I never saw this coming. I am still in disbelief over what has happened."
이런 반응은 예상 못했다.
The K-pop phenomenon - epitomised by the global success of BT... - earns billions of dollars a year for the world's 12th-largest economy.
케이팝은 연간 수조씩 벌어들임.
Scores of groups largely made up of teenagers are launched every year hoping to follow in their footsteps, but most acts quickly disappear, leaving barely a trace on the score of musical history.
수많은 그룹이 데뷔하지만 대부분 흔적도 없이 사라짐.
Exposure on major television stations has long been a must-have for aspiring K-pop idols. But cultural commentator Jung Ho-jai said the raunchy moves in the original Rollin' video were too risque for the networks.
방송 노출이 중요한데 안무가 너무 선정적이었다.
They were left with little choice but to take any booking going, however remote and badly paid, with Jung describing them as "relegated to what was essentially the third tier of the English football league".
강등된 축구팀 같은 처지였다.
But once Viditor posted her video, he said, "somehow YouTube algorithms saw potential in the clip and began displaying it to a wider audience.
유튜브 알고리즘으로 많이 노출됐다.
"It has proved how important YouTube has become as a media platform."
유튜브 킹중요함.
K-pop firms are increasingly turning to social media sites like YouTube, TikTok and Facebook to develop their bands' fanbases.
케이팝 회사들은 sns에서 팬 기반을 다지려고 노력함.
"Well over 50 new groups tap into the market every year but less than half appear on major TV stations," Kim Jin-hyung, chief executive of Wuzo Entertainment, told AFP.
연 50개 팀이 새로 나오는데 절반도 메이저 방송사에 출연 못한다.
"In order for idols to survive, we have to target online platforms that meet the demands of fans."
온라인 노려야함.
But for the Brave Girls, it was an amateur poster who made the difference.
이번 경우에는 아마추어 제작자가 해냄. 비디터 말인듯.
Member Lee Yu-na said: "Something very miraculous and inexplicable has happened to us."
유나 왈. 우리에게 기적이 일어난거죠.

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