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The Big Beautiful Black Widow
Chapter One: Step Into My Parlor…

It was only the second week of June, but temperatures were already steadily climbing into the upper 80’s in the New York suburbs. Little Billy awoke just after 9 AM, hot and covered in a light sweat despite having kicked off his covers in the middle of the night. He was alone in the house, as usual; his parents had left an hour ago for the airport. His mother was a highly respected neurosurgeon, and had left to help open a clinic in Maine, while his father, a highly priced lawyer, was out of town putting together the largest class action suit of his career in Los Angeles against Hammer Industries. They likely would not be back until sometime after summer was over and young Billy was back in school.

Luckily, the young boy was used to this, and had become very independent, despite only being seven years old. However, this independence did not mean Billy was without the ability to become bored. After a quick bagel and change of clothes, the youngster headed outside with his baseball and a bat. Unfortunately for Billy, his neighborhood was mostly filled with senior citizens, a side effect of his parents wanting to live in a nice, quiet neighborhood, which also meant there were no children Billy’s own age to play with. This meant if Billy was going to play ball, he’d have to do so by himself.

He began to toss the ball in the air, missing each time, that is, until the sixth time when his bat finally collided with the ball, signaled by a loud, resounding *KA-RACKKK!!!* The ball went soaring through the air and over the wooden picket fence that surrounded his back yard. Billy’s eyes followed the ball with a hypnotized gaze until he could see it no more, for it went crashing through his neighbor’s window! *Ker-Ashhhhh!!!*
“Oh nooooo…” the youngster mouthed in a low, hushed, whispered tone as his heart began to quicken its pace.

Next door, Natasha awoke with a startle. She wasn’t used to waking up before noon in sometime, but a loud breaking of glass wasn’t about to allow her to continue her slumber.
“They found me… I don’t know how they did it, but they found me…” the rotund redhead said to herself. Clad in nothing more than tight, ill-fitting pink panties and a far too small white wife-beater tank top that went past her quite amble bosom by a mere handful of centimeters. She slowly sat up and reached under her pillow, pulling out one of her twin Glocks.

With a grunt, she laid back and slowly rolled her body to the left until her plump legs began to hang over the sides of the bed. She huffed in frustration, only halfway done. She huffed again before sitting up with a grunt; she slowly began to rock her large, luscious body forward and back until she gained enough momentum to get off of the bed and to her plump toes and feet. Her toe nails were painted red, but they looked chipped, suggesting it’d been a while since she made the effort to paint them. And like a ballerina, a call back to her old life, she went from her toes to firmly on her feet again.
“Whew! Okay…” she sighed, wiping the fresh sweat from her brow.

Natasha then began to slowly waddle down the hallway, her colossal ass cheeks bouncing wildly due to little clothing restraint, her cellulite-dimpled valley of an ass exposed. Due to lugging so much gelatinous girth with her, she was not nearly as stealthy as she once had been, sending thunderous vibrations throughout the house which was sure to tip off any nearby enemies. However, Natasha trudged on; she never was one to give up in the face of adversity, even if that adversity was her own body. Natasha approached a table in the middle of the upstairs hallway. She reached in past the wax fruit inside and pulled out the matching Glock. Both guns loaded, she approached the bedroom from where she heard the great crash. But before she could investigate, the doorbell rang.
“Shit!” she whispered to herself. “Who? who is it?” she called out, her own heart beat quickening. She backed against the hallway right before the doorway of the room with the baseball. She knew the window was broken thanks to the crash, but not that a baseball and a young boy were the culprits, but she figured whoever was at the door could hear her through said broken window.

“M?my name’s Billy! I? I wasin my yard, playing ball, when… when I accidentally hit my ball through your window! I? I’m so, soooo sorry…” the young, almost frail voice called out to her.

Natasha narrowed her eyes. “Using children? I shouldn’t expect anything less from those Hydra bastards…” she thought to herself in a slight rage. “L?listen, it’s okay. I?I’ll be right down… Don’t go anywhere…” she said, casting a quick glance to the bed room and seeing the ball laying amidst the surrounding glass. It didn’t matter, though, since it could just as easily been thrown through the window. She huffed, preparing to make her way down the stairs as her ass danced more wildly than before. She was tempted to look out the window, but, with being such a… large target, that just wasn’t an option.

Billy stood on the porch and nodded, even if the groggy female voice that greeted him couldn’t see him. “O?Okay, I won’t!” he assured her. He stood there, nervously. Combined with the heat, sweat formed upon his orange shirt and blue shorts. He took his ball cap off and wiped his forehead before putting his hat back on. He could hear an odd thundering sound coming from within the house, which only frightened him further. He gulped. He just wanted to get his ball back and maybe convince his neighbor not to tell his parents whenever they got back.

Natasha finally reached the end of the stairs, booming all the way down as she did. It took quite some effort to do it, but not quite as much as it did to make it up the stairs when she was ready to go to bed at night. She tucked the Glock in her left hand into the side of her panties, which sank into the side role that was her saddlebag hip. And while they may have been panties at one point, they clearly were in the form of a thong now. She slowly slid back the locks and chain on her door.
“Door’s open, come on in…” she wheezed, winded from her “long” walk, back against the wall to the side of the door, both hands on the single Glock.

Billy slowly turned the knob, wanting so bad to back out, but tried to do the right thing, like his hero Captain America would. The door creaked, and before young Billy could get more than the tip of his right shoe in the door, a large, chubby fist grabbed him, pulling him swiftly inside and slammed the door behind him with the other chubby fist. The nails attached to said fist were painted a red that matched her toes, also meaning they, too, were chipped and done some time ago.
“Gahhhh!” the young boy cried out in pure terror, arms not even given the time to flail, same with his legs. He was stiff with fear.

“Alright, kid… Enough games! What’d Hydra send you for, hmm? And where are the others at?” she said as she waved her gun about, never once pointing it in his direction, hoping that it would be enough to get him to spill his guts to her.

“H?huh? Hydra? I? I don’t know anything about Hydra, I just wanted to get my ball back before I got in trouble with my parents…” Billy uttered hurriedly, trying to pull away from her, but it was no use; her fat fist was like a human vise.

She looked him dead in the eyes and never saw his eyes waver from her own stare. He was telling her the truth. She released her grip on him and he stumbled, back against the door.
“Look, sorry kid, it’s… well, you can never be too careful.” She said, pulling her gun from her panties and placing both of them on a nearby table. She hoped her mention of Hydra and such was all forgotten in the moment. She turned to look at the small boy, noticing he never left his spot against the door.

“P?please, don’t hurt me…” the youngster begged, intimated by not only the gun she had been waving around, but by the simple fact that this was, by far, the largest woman, let alone human being in general, he’d ever seen in his young life. While it terrified him, it also caught his attention in a way he couldn’t quite explain. He had been unable to look away from her swinging belly or the layers of cellulite encrusted ass that shook before him while she put her guns down. His mother and father had made the casual jokes and comments on people, women in particular, of a larger size all his life, yet… why was he unable to look away?

“Oh… Oh no, no, no… I promise, I’m not going to hurt you…” she said, relieved, her breathing loud from all the excitement and turning around twice with waddling steps in between. “Listen, you can still have your ball back… Well, maybe in a little bit, I don’t feel like hefting myself back up there right now, and I don’t want you getting cut by any of the glass… Say, you’re a growing boy, up for a snack? I have cookies… And milk!”

Billy shook his head back to reality just enough for him to form and utter cognitive thoughts again. “S?sure… I only had a light breakfast…” he nodded.

“Great! Follow me…” she instructed him, rubbing her hand through his hair before slowly turning, like a planet orbiting the sun, and waddling forth towards the kitchen, which definitely kept Billy’s attention, his eyes fixated upon the sagging blubber that was her ass.
“Have a seat!” she instructed him, pulling out his chair, before making her way to the cupboard. She reached for the top shelf, her tight wife-beater tank top riding up just below her protruding nipples; her entire body gracefully jiggling in a manner still alien to this child. He had no idea person could move the way she did. Upon grabbing the cookies, she opened the fridge, bending over as her ass shifted from side to side; doing so swallowed any remnants of panties, almost making her appear to be without any save for the small sliver of pink above her ass shelf. She slowly stood up and gently kicked the door shut with her chubby foot. She waddled her way over to young Billy, placing the sweet feast before him. “Golden Oreos and milk. These should take the edge off…” she smiled, looking down at him and making her way to the seat to his right and in the middle of the long table. She pursed her lips with a low, yet audible “Hmmm…” she slowly waddled to the other side of the table in front of Billy, grabbing the other chair and bringing it back to the right middle chair’s remove_style_tag>
This was all so wrong. Scant minutes ago, Natasha was busy making her small seven year old neighbor into a man, so to speak. Perhaps, on some level, it could be forgiven, since her Hydra brainwashing had kicked in, thus forcing her into a food craving, almost zombified state when it happened. But here she was, blushing because of a few compliments the young Billy was figuratively feeding her. She knew it was wrong, and yet… it had been so long since any male had looked at her the way he does. Perhaps she also found a connection with the boy after having had her own childhood cut short; to see such innocence and youthful zest was appealing to her, in a strange sort of way. She was hesitant, but damn it, everyone deserved love, including these two neglected neighbors. Maybe… Maybe she also saw this as her lone shot at motherhood after what her graduation from the Red Room had cost her.

Natasha blinked, once again noticing the small boy’s now cold seed from within her fat ass. She lifted her upper arm, which was a several times thicker than Billy’s waist, and began to notice how much in need of a shower she really was after a quick sniff. Her recent profuse sweating had only made matters worse. That, coupled with her somewhat greasy red hair and cum caked ass cheeks made up her mind for her.
“Billy just look at you, all sticky and naked below the belt… What say we go wash away the evidence, hmm?” she smiled sweetly at him. This was definitely not something she should even be considering, but… she was pretty past the point of no return, right? Besides, she needed a shower, why not kill two birds with one stone and share the water, instead of having to get out and make poor Billy turn the shower back on.

Billy’s eyes widened and lit up, before he agreed with a nod. “S?sounds good to me…” he smiled faintly. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He thought seeing ‘Natalie’ with what little clothes she had on now was great, but she’d just have to get naked to shower, and he’d be there with her, probably also naked. His mind raced with such thoughts, a slight smile now etching itself onto his face for the long term.

“We better get going, Billy. I get tired if I stand for too long, and if I keep this up, I’ll never make it up the stairs. So come on, scoot…” she playfully smiled, messing his hair up, paying no mind to the fact that he was still sitting there with pants down around his ankles. She slowly turned back towards the stairs, her ass wobbling like two Christmas hams stuffed into a far too small sack as they struggled for dominance. She slowly turned, giving Billy a playful wink. “Come on, move your tiny little ass, Billy…” she said before reaching her right chubby hand behind herself to give her incredibly fat ass a loud, silence shattering slap; she allowed her hand to sink into the many layers of lard before tightly gripping the right ass half and giving it a hearty jiggle, which resulted in a delightfully audible clapping of the cheeks.

Billy’s eyes followed the ass claps intensely, before meeting her gaze with that of his own. “Huh? Oh. Oh! Uh, coming, Natalie…Sorry, I was, uh, thinking…” Billy said, the latter part being only half of the truth, before slowly getting to his feet.

“And take your shorts off, kiddo! Can’t have you falling down the stairs, can I? Besides, you won’t need them where you’re going anyway…” she instructed in a tone most serious, before slowly cracking a smile. “I’m sorry, it’s just… I have such a hard time keep a straight face with you sometimes…” she laughed as he neared her remove_style_tag>
Billy slowly got back into the appropriate position, saying nothing. Cloth in hand, he went back in, only this time he pushed much, much deeper.

“Mmm, mmmmmph…. Right there, just like that; up and down and back again, make sure you get it real good, okay?” she instructed in a tone much kinder than it had been scant seconds ago.

Billy did so, making sure to take his time once he realized it wasn’t nearly as bad in there as he thought it was. Of course, most boys, even adult men, would likely have been freaking out at the mere sight of their hand disappeared from sight in a woman as large as Natasha. But once you go face first in there to pull a disappearing act, an invisible hand is nothing to you. This rubbing continued on for quite a bit until Billy was sure he had not missed a single ounce of her inner ass, making sure his past deed was now just a glorious memory.

“Good boy, Billy! You’ve made Goddess Natasha so proud of you…” she chuckled as she slowly stood up. She slowly turned. “I see you liked… exploring my ass, Billy. Let’s see how you do with the front and maybe you’ll get a reward; it’s only fitting a goddess bestows gifts upon her dedicated followers.”

She bent forward, allowing Billy to gently wipe away any old makeup from her face before he got to her upper chest. He could see every stretchmark her growing tits had caused, and loved each of them. As he rubbed her tits, he noticed her nipples hardening through the other side of the cloth.

“See, Billy? Women can get hard, too…Remember that…” she smiled devilishly, loving the foreshadowing behind it all as she made plans for later.

“I? I guess you do!” Billy nodded with a smile.

“Now make sure you get the underboobs, too…” she began before adding “And between every roll and crevice, okay? My belly has a lot of ground to cover…”

Billy wasn’t about to pass any of this up and he began to get the underboobs posthaste upon finishing the fronts and nipples. He made his way to the top belly roll, making his way from left to right and back again many times before he draped the cloth over his right index and middle fingers; he then plunged between it, swiping it many times until he felt satisfied with his work. He then began to wiple clean her incredible belly hang, which obscured any naughty bits; she figured she’d keep the finale hidden just a while longer.

“Good boy, Billy… Don’t be afraid to lift my belly and get that under roll…” she said, purposely forgetting to mention the second set of lips waiting his gentle touch. “And my bellybutton, too!”

After finishing the bellybutton, he attempted to grip the bottom left corner of her jelly belly, only for it to slip and slap against her thighs; the soap and water made it quite a slippery devil. “It’s okay, try, try again… Don’t give up! Cap wouldn’t…” she said, knowing just how to inspire him.

Billy lowered his brow with determination and began to lift again. “Urrrrrgh… It’s so… so heavy…”

“And powerful, I know…” Natasha added for Billy. “It’s okay, I believe in you… Make Big Mama Natasha proud, okay?”

Billy pushed his whole hand under it and began to lift, straining and groaning as he went until… Success! He’d managed to lift the left half one handed before going in with the cloth. He gently lowered it, not looking as he wiped in there, as he was more worried about holding her soft, free-flowing belly up.

“Very good, my loyal, little Billy… You’re halfway there! Don’t let me down… my little hero…”

“I? I won’t let you down!” he smiled before doing the same with the other side. He had to use his right hand this time, and her belly almost slipped but he caught it mid fall with a wet *Schlapp!*. He soon had it hoisted all the way and cleaned it just as efficiently as the other side. He breathed a sigh of relief as Natasha patted his head before gently pulling his face into her belly and patting his head with the other hand.

“My hero… I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me…” she assured him. She released him, and while he was red-faced he wasn’t as desperate for air this time.

“Such a good little boy… Looks like my legs are next…” she pointed rather daintily with her chubby left index finger.

Billy smiled and began to work his way around her as she slowly spread her tree-trunk-like thighs apart for him. There was little room between him, her ass and the shower wall, but with determination and water, he managed to slide through A-Okay. Around and around he went, up and down and side to side, greeting each cellulite dimple with the gentle loving touch he had given to her ass just a short time ago, spinning in and around each upper leg. Her knees sank in under monumental thighs and he didn’t forget them or the backs of them. Each of her calves were thicker than Billy’s head, but he made sure not to let it intimidate him and he washed over them and the ever thick cankle rolls they were attached to. Billy then made sure to wipe her chubby, fat feet and sausage-like toes, making sure to get in between each of them. Natasha held onto the shower bar again and lifted each foot so he could get to the bottom of each. He, too, knew what Natasha liked, and he kissed each foot as a sign of his dedication and worship to her. She smiled as she closed her eyes.

“B?Billy?” she asked aloud, before regaining her composure. “You missed a spot. Under my belly…” she said, trying to remain calm so as to not tip her hand.

“S?sorry, Natasha!”

“It’s okay, Billy. Wash it good for me…”

Billy nodded and stood back up to plunge his hand slowly into the soft abyss between her thighs and under her belly. Before he knew it, he founds his fingers lodged between another… crack of sorts, which sent Natasha into state of pure serenity. She moaned for quite a while before shaking it off, eyes rolled back in her head. He wiped about three times before he pulled out and wiped the outside.

“W?wait, Billy… Lose the washcloth, Billy and go back in there with your fingers, okay? Then… then I want you to feel around for a… button of sorts with your other hand, okay? Then rub it, and keep rubbing it… Can you do that for me, Billy? Please?”

“S?sure I can, Natasha! A?anything for you…”

“Good boy, I knew I could count on you…”

Billy slowly slid his hand back in, only to be met by another moan like that from a dog in heat. He proceeded to do as she instructed, and used his once free hand to search for a ‘button’, which took no time at all, much to his surprise. He began to rub slowly loving every audible gasp escaping from Natasha’s luscious lips.

“F?faster Billy, faster…” the overgrown woman demanded between moans.

And so he did, rubbing faster and faster until her legs began to quiver. She gripped the bar next to her for leverage. “Mmmm… don’t stop baby boy… Keep going…”

Billy smiled slightly and continued his lover’s instructions. Once quivering, her legs shook enough to send rippled through out them, her belly and even her ass, with an occasional slap of her tits against her soft belly flesh. Faster and faster his fingers went, as Natasha’s free hand slapped against the wall and she bit her bottom lip, gripping the shower bar tighter and tighter.

“Oh… Oh, GAAAAAAAAAAHDD, Billy! Yes, dear God, Billy, FUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!” Natasha bellowed, her chins shaking. “GAAAAAAHHHHH!” she moaned louder than ever, her own juices spraying and mixing with the oncoming waters above her. Her body shook violently until every drop of her natural juices emptied her oversized form. “Yesssssss…” she cooed in a soft tone, panting over and over until she finally opened her eyes again.

“Oh… Oh, Billy, I think you’ve more than earned that reward…” she said, grabbing his wash cloth. She lifted her over-inflated bingo-wings and washed them thoroughly; she also made sure to wash her side boobs, and armpits, all the way down her thick forearms and wrist rolls, as well as her hands. She would have loved for Billy to wash them, but she couldn’t wait any longer to reward him.

She rinsed the washcloth hung it momentarily so as to grab the same bottle she’d used to clean her own hair. She applied a squirt to his scalp and began to lather it up. “Close your eyes, Billy! Wouldn’t wanna get this in your eyes, would you?”

“N?no!” Billy smiled.

“I didn’t think so…” she said, before hurriedly rinsed his hair free of any soap before grabbing the rag and re-soaping it for him. She swiftly began to wash him down, even making time to give his tight, tiny but a gentle slap, knowing what her little man loves. She saved the best part for last.

She turned him around to face her again, smiling in anticipation with what she had planned next. She saw him still erect, which was going to make her job easier on her. She slowly gripped his young, surprisingly well-endowed cock until it became very tight, her mighty hand practically engulfing it from sight.

Billy gasped silently, closing and reopening his eyes rapidly.

“Does that feel good, my not-so-little man? Hmm?”

Billy nodded. “Y?yessss…”

“Then just you wait to see what Big Mama Natasha has in store for you…” she smiled devilishly. She moved the pink bath mat before her and knelt down, water still streaming. She dropped the washcloth to the side and out of the way before gripping his cock again. She slowly knelt down onto the bath mat, his cock still in her fat grip.

Slowly, she began to stroke him until making sure his cock was at its full length. She then released him, and pulled him closer, both hands upon his tiny butt, until his cock slipped right into her wet, open mouth’s lips. She looked up at him, eyes wide with a love she so rarely shared with another, and began slowly bobbing her head up and down his lengthy shaft as Billy instinctively ran his hands through her hair until he lovingly wrapped a portion of it within his tiny grip. She gently suckled him as she gripped the lower half of his cock with her thumb, index, and middle fingers.

Faster and faster she went, just as Billy had done with her. Billy gasped and moaned off and on, making a unique musical melody for Natasha’s ears and her ears alone. Soon, the waves or pleasure became too great for the boy and his while body began to lightly convulse. Knowing he was close, Natasha picked up her speed; this was a woman who could swallow her fair share of meat, and this was no different.

“I?I love you Natasha…” Billy shouted out in the heat of the moment.

Natasha loving smiled up at him around his cock as she mumbled her love and adoration for him, too. He may not have quite heard what she said, but the meaning was there, and he could sense it. Before he knew it, a great pressure in him that had been continually building since she first gripped his manhood finally reached its breaking point and he soon uncontrollably shot his load down Natasha’s vacuum like mouth as she kept milking him for every last precious, salty drop, while Billy moaned his little head off, eyes closed and mouth agape.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Natasha exhaled, satisfied with her abilities as she released her oral embrace from him. “Mmm, Billy, you’re soooo yummy…”

“Th-thank you… Big Mama Natasha…” he smiled, looking slightly exhausted.

Natasha smiled flared at the mention of her pet name she’d christened herself with and pulled the boy close in a fat, corpulent embrace, engulfing his tiny body in her fat, belly, tits and, most importantly, her upper arms.

“Such a good boy…” she said, licking her lips. “Come on, let’s go get dried off and head down stairs… You made your Big Mama verrrry hungry, young man…” she informed him, unable to fend off her hunger any longer after such a strenuous activity, knowing full well what eating would do to her.

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11520 듸져 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.07 38 0
11519 ㅠ시간이 안 난다 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.07 39 0
11516 ㅎㅎ RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.05 47 0
11515 마이오마이 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.04 47 0
11514 테에에엥ㅇ RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.04 46 0
11513 집에 쳐박혀잇으니까 살찜 ㅅㅂ RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.03 49 0
11512 원하던 대로 일주일 쉬는 중 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.02 56 0
11511 흠터레스팅 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.02 55 0
11510 아 제발 남잔데 조언좀요 갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.01 62 0
11508 진짜 슬푸ㅜ다 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 01.01 58 0
11506 2019 마지막 날 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.31 51 0
11504 그립읍니다 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.29 56 0
11503 마상 ㅠ RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.28 55 0
11502 개짧노 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.26 62 0
11501 개피곤 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.25 59 0
11500 아직도 안 자는 레전드 인생이 있다? RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.24 67 0
11499 ㅋㅋ심즈 확팩 괜히 삼 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.24 63 0
11498 ㅇㅇ(117.111) 19.12.23 64 0
11497 ㅠ오늘 집 오는 길에 교통사고 난 거 봄 RUE232WEAR8673갤로그로 이동합니다. 19.12.23 69 0
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